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Dunn & Roy, PC

Dunn & Roy, PC

We are a well-established law firm originally opening our doors in 1994 providing representation to thousands of individuals who have been injured. If you have been involved in a work injury, personal injury, or auto accident, then trust in the legal experience of Dunn & Roy, PC. Our team of experienced professional lawyers will gladly discuss your best legal options during a free consultation.

Focused on Personal Injury; Auto Accidents and Workers Compensation, we pride ourselves on helping people who have been victimized by an accident or incident in getting a fast and fair result. Most people have never had to bring a claim and can be easily mislead by an insurance company. Our comfortable family environment can help make the process of gaining a fair resolution as stress free as possible.

Our goal with each case is to provide fast and personal attention to assist you from the first meeting through the end of your claim. We insure that you understand where you stand from the start of the case, and keep you informed throughout the entire process of the claim. We are readily available by phone or email should any questions or concerns arise during the course of your case. Feel free to contact us with any question you may have or to receive free legal advice.

Injured & Uncertain

Faced with a legal, medical, or credit crisis after an injury or accident, people can feel intimidated. The physical pain that comes with an accident or injury is often the least of your worries. Other problems begin to mount: wage loss, property damage, car rental, medical causation, preexisting injuries, permanency, health liens, unpaid medical bills and disgruntled creditors. Dunn & Roy, PC can help you deal with these problems so you don’t have to. Just click on one of the links to the right that best fits your situation and you will hear from us promptly.

We Offer A Free Consultation & Advance Costs For Most Clients

Our goal is to help our clients recover compensation for all their losses. Your initial consultation is free, and we are paid only if you collect on your claim. We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation.